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Servicing your Mercedes - Altogether Easier!

Pro-Tech Ltd is an Independent Mercedes specialist and now you can arrange an appointment online with our booking system. Our Mercedes trained technicians will use the latest diagnostic equipment and guaranteed parts - why pay more elsewhere?

Once registered with us, you will benefit from FREE reminders and future discounts.

Vehicle Details

Due to the complex nature of today’s Mercedes vehicles it's almost impossible for us to provide a full quotation for the servicing work required on your car.

With years of experience as an independent Mercedes specialist we have decided that the best system for booking your vehicle in with us, is to collect some basic vehicle data through your registration number. Once we receive the booking form we'll confirm all of the work required with our Mercedes schedules and then call you back and provide a full quotation.

If you take advantage of our online booking system, please rest assured that should you not be 100% satisfied with the quotation we provide, we will immediately cancel your booking and there will be no commitment on your behalf to go ahead with the work suggested.

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